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Outlook Email Snooze

If you’ve gotten used to apps that allow you to snooze your email (have it disappear from your inbox until the date you specify and then reappear) I just found this page which appears to be the perfect solution for implementing in Outlook.

Basically it consists of creating a custom view of your inbox w/ 2 filters set. One for Due Date not existing and the other where Due Date is on or before “Today”.

Hit up the full post for step by step instructions and screen shots.

Parental Zen: How to Keep Your Cool as a Parent #1aDay

Leo provides more great insight on keeping your cool as a parent. I know I’m nowhere near perfect on this, but it’s a good reminder. As he says:

“The main problem is that we have some ideal as parents, of how our kids should behave. We think they should be ideal kids, but in truth they’re not ideal, they’re real. They have faults, just like we do. They need help, they make mistakes, they get angry, they get frustrated. We do too. Let’s figure out how to behave when we make mistakes, get angry, get frustrated, and show the kids how to do this through our example.”

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The Single Easiest Habit Change to Improve Your Life Forever #1aDay

This one thing has made a huge difference in my life. Find out about it by reading the full article here

You’re Not Charging Enough. Charge More. End of Discussion. #1aDay

One of the top lessons that have recently come out of the ShankMinds Business Masterminds is that people simply don’t charge enough. And you probably don’t, either.

I know I have this problem too, but over time I’ve learned to charge more. I know what I do is valuable, and should be compensated accordingly. Read Peter’s post and see if you disagree.

Read the full article here

For The Children’s Sake, Put Down That Smartphone #1aDay

It’s not just kids who are overdoing screen time. Parents are often just as guilty of spending too much time checking smartphones and e-mail — and the consequences for their children can be troubling.

While I’m no angel when it comes to my phone I do make a conscious effort to disable just about every type of notification and not look at it when in the middle of talking to someone (unless it’s to check on something they asked about). If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s the people who have every notification turned on then tell you that they don’t even notice it anymore… well the rest of us who are trying to talk to you do – and so do your kids as this article points out.

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You’re Washing Your Clothes Too Often! (What to Do Instead) #1aDay

My wife is probably going to hate this article, but I did promise a “clean” article after yesterday’s post.

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Go the F**k Home #1aDay

Ok, so I’ve posted this one before, but I still love it every time I listen to it. Especially appreciate the part about leaders setting the example.

Sorry for the string of videos with “strong language”. I promise the next post will be “clean” 🙂

Read the full article here

The Internet Is About to Become Worse Than Television #1aDay

Last week, an obscure but potentially internet-transforming document was leaked from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. It revealed that government regulators are considering rules that would give big companies a chance to make their online services run faster than smaller ones.

Personally, the thing I like least about it is that it’s easy to see how small/new companies could get screwed and stifle innovation. The other thing that I had not though of until I read this is I trust the cable companies so little that I wouldn’t be surprised if they started “bundling” sites like they do with TV. I don’t need 100 channels! Of course, this is why I don’t have cable TV. Finally, the other thing you should be upset about is the cable companies “double dipping”. They’re already charging insane prices (because usually they have a monopoly in most areas other then major metros), and now they’re also going to start extorting the companies too – what, you didn’t think they’d actually lower your rates when they started charging the companies did you?… Comcrap-Warner wants it’s cake and to eat it too (see the video below – warning: language).

Read the full article here

Concurrently process for maximum productivity #1aDay

Christopher Penn makes a good argument for the separate concept of concurrent (or parallel processing) over the traditional single vs multi-tasking debate. Of course the key to success in concurrent processing is knowing how to split up the work without getting stuck in analysis paralysis. In that case, I would strongly recommend dropping down to single tasking instead of what most people seem to do.

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The Hidden Health Costs of the College Arms Race #1aDay

Every time I hear stories like this it makes me worry for my kids. While I can be a competitive person there’s always been a release valve buried somewhere deep inside that has been able to say “the work will be there tomorrow” or (when I was in school) “Being first in class doesn’t matter. Just learn the material well enough. There’s always time to dig deeper.”

The question is, how to pass that on while still instilling the discipline and joy of hard work and sacrifice?

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